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🔴 In this course, I'm going to get you started in programming in the most popular language in the tech industry nowadays, Python!🐍 Honestly, after this course, you'll become confident as ever in Python and will be writing code on your own!👨‍💻 Python is spreading like wildfire🔥 and the job demands are pretty high.💸💲 🔴If you're trying to get a job or trying to automate your life, learning Python with me is the best option for you! Python is very powerful and also easy to learn! 🔴My name is Haris and I'm a software developer with boatloads of experience. & I'll be your instructor for this amazing Python Crash Course.🌟 I've taught many people how to code! 🔴So with all of that out of the way, let's up the ante and start writing some code!🌟 🔴Let the coding begin! Check out course details in the outline below 👇

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Let's begin our Python journey by installing Python3 and an IDE. An IDE normally consists of at least a source code editor, build automation tools and a debugger.

  • Getting Started 11min 14sec
  • Hello World 4min 11sec

Your window into the world of Python - let's familiarize ourselves with the basics and get straight to programming!

  • Variables and Arithmetic Operators 6min 55sec

Get introduced to data types, functions, loops, conditionals and more.

  • Basic Calculator 12min 48sec
  • Loops 14min 54sec
  • Conditionals 12min 44sec
  • Better Calculator 4min 5sec
  • Functions 8min 22sec

Learn the intricacies of structuring data using Python and learn how to collect data values, manage the relationships among them, and more.

  • Data Structures (Dictionaries and Lists) 11min 55sec

To make sure you've learnt something, let's practice and see if you can code a guessing game! If you can, welcome to the exciting world of Python!

  • Guessing Game + Debugging 12min 39sec
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Haris Iftikhar

Expert, Airschool

Programming Instructor with a Boatload of Experience


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Python is, by far, the number one language to learn. Extremely used and applied almost everywhere!

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15+ enrolled on this course